Get online help for you and your child during the CoVID 19 pandemic.
Our assessment will help you understand how to best support your child if you are struggling to teach them at home.
Screening and Assessing Children for Strengths & Learning, Behaviour, Social and Emotional Challenges.

The Starjump  assessment identifies strengths to focus on and deficits to develop.  It will give you the information you need to make informed decisions about how best to support your child.  The assessment is suitable for all ages.

If your child is:

  • Has real strengths and potential that is not seen or valued at school.
  • Underachieving or is below his/her age level for reading, writing, spelling or maths.
  • Disengaged from learning, particularly at school.
  • Developing a pattern of negative behaviour or self criticism.
  • Stressed or anxious about going to school or work.
  • Withdrawing or losing confidence.
  • Struggling to learn or is slipping behind in his/her school work.
  • Frustrated, angry, fatigued or "shut down" after a day at school or work.
  • Reluctant to go to school.
  • Working a lot harder than most kids just to get  basic school work or homework done.
  • Having problems paying attention in class.
  • Lonely or can't make and keep friends.
  • Disorganized and unable to be personally responsible for him/herself.

Please consider getting your child assessed for any underlying conditions that may be stopping him/her from shining personally or academically. Our unique online platform enables us to assess and screen children and adults anywhere.  Our professional service is accessible and affordable.
It is the first step to helping your child reach his/her full potential. Please complete an online enquiry form .